About DoMore

DoMore is an online-only, long-form video podcast series deep-diving in a casual, conversational style into the three important areas of:

Being Your Own Boss

the trials and rewards of the entrepreneurial journey 

Retiring Rich

the art of investing wisely

True Leadership

capturing the essentials of being able and prepared to inspire others.


Khoo Hsu Chuang​

Journalist and Entrepreneur

With experience in internal audit, tax consulting and financial media, Chuang counts over a quarter of a century’s experience working in and covering corporate, financial and capital markets in KL, Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong and London. 

He has worked for Arab-Malaysian Merchant Bank, KPMG Peat Marwick, The Edge, Bloomberg, Thomson-Reuters and BFM Media. 

Chuang was a co-founder of Asian Auto Interactive, an auto portal that was sold in its entirety to Main Market-listed Delloyd Ventures Bhd in 2002. 

In 2020, he co-founded an investment-focused social media platform, Xifu, in a joint venture with  Main Market-listed Excelforce Bhd, exiting that same year.

Chuang’s media experience spans print, newswire, Internet, radio broadcast and digital TV. 

Do More, a trademark of KHC Ventures Sdn Bhd., was begun in 2012 as a corporate content consultancy, adding podcasts and media spokesperson / crisis training in the present day. 


DoMore is on:


is the 31-year old Khoo Hsu Chuang

“At that age I had already worked for about ten years and was eager to start my own business. I also had some savings and was keen to make fewer mistakes than my friends, some of whom had lost vast amounts of money on the share market.

I had also stopped smoking and was working out and travelling regularly, knowing full well the importance of a balanced lifestyle. Despite being a journalist and knowing tons of people I had few mentors and even fewer people in my circle who I felt close enough to ask these existential questions to. Fast-forward nearly two decades to today where we have accessible audio and video platforms like Spotify and YouTube where knowledge and wisdom is available 24/7/365.

Hence DoMore! I feel that having in-depth and heartfelt conversations with people who have been through and succeeded in life will help people like the 31-year-old me answer the life questions I had in an easy and accessible way.”



Do More is a highly personal endeavor where I seek out and speak to people whom I personally respect in the fields of INVESTMENT, ENTREPRENEURSHIP and PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT.

These are the rules I abide by: 

1. Entrepreneurs need to own their own companies. And while bigger is usually better, I will also speak to people who conduct their business in an ethical, equitable yet positively disruptive way. 

2. Investors can be employees but are outstanding in terms of their investing principles and beliefs, accompanying long and established track records of benchmark-beating returns in all manner of asset classes. The more diversified, the better. 

3. I seek out people who conduct their lives by taking the path less trodden. They do not have to be rich or famous but are outstanding for their courage, beliefs and ethical values. 

4. I only speak to Asians. We live in an era of unprecedented change and Asia sits at the economic, social and political epicentre of this shift. This continent’s best and brightest deserve to be heard.

5. I DO NOT SPEAK TO POLITICIANS. Many of them lie, cheat and steal for their personal benefit, bankrupting society and their nations in the process. They are anathema to the beliefs of this channel.

6. For obvious reasons, I speak VERY sparingly about race or religion on my channel, chiefly because rational discussion and intellect wilt and die when these subjects are raised.