Professor Tajuddin Rasdi – Why Are Young Malaysians Becoming More Conservative?


Prof Tajuddin is a Professor of Islamic architecture who also writes prolifically on social issues in Malaysia, much of it centring on politics, faith and education.

He would love to see a more united and cohesive nation, a nation where multiculturalism, tolerance and independent thought prevail.

These are his thoughts and principles.

(Many thanks to the Asia School of Business for their collaboration with The Do More Podcast, in whose studio this conversation was recorded. The Asia School of Business is a partnership between MIT’s Sloan School of Management and Bank Negara Malaysia).


00:01:56 – Who is Prof Tajuddin? (How Does a Professor of Islamic Architecture Become a Social Commentator?)
00:06:07 – Which Direction is Malaysia Going? Forwards, Backwards or .. Standstill?
00:09:24 – Malaysia Seems to Be Stuck in a Time Warp
00:11:00 – Some (Most) Folks Don’t Really Understand Their Own Faith
00:12:44 – Islam Is an Open, Tolerant and Personal Religion, Not a Political Religion
00:17:03 – Why Are Young Malaysians Becoming More Conservative?
00:21:33 – The Green Wave: I Never Agreed With Undi 18
00:25:59 – Will Malaysian Society Become More Divided?
00:29:11 – Prof Tajuddin’s Advice to his Kids
00:34:44 – Speaking Out to Aid Society is a Social and Religious Obligation
00:38:00 – Principles to Navigate the World
00:41:46 – What Are Malaysia’s Students Talking About? What Are Their Hopes and Fears?
00:45:41 – Advice to People If Malaysia Becomes More Conservative
00:49:45 – “I Admire Tun Mahathir But I wouldn’t Vote for Him” Why?
00:51:46 – Education Reform: How?
00:57:42 – If You Leave Malaysia, Where Would You Go?
01:01:32 – How Would You Like to Be Remembered?

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