Professor Terence Gomez – Malaysia Needs Reforms. LOTs of Them


Professor Terence Gomez, a former Professor of Political Economy at the University of Malaya and Dean of Economics, talks about the impact Malaysia’s politics have had on the livelihoods of ordinary folks and on the nation’s economy as well.

(Many thanks to the Asia School of Business for their collaboration with The Do More Podcast, in whose studio this conversation was recorded. The Asia School of Business is a partnership between MIT’s Sloan School of Management and Bank Negara Malaysia).

00:03:00 – Where Malaysia Needs Most Improvement
00:08:15 – How and Why Governments Can Be Bigger and More Meaningful
00:14:28 – How Policy Can Change
00:19:37 – A Lopsided Privilege
00:24:40 – Why Has Malaysia Not Exploited its Vast Potential?
00:28:18 – Are Malaysians Happy? Are Singaporeans Happy?
00:37:57 – Where Does Change Come From?
00:44:32 – Institutional Repair, the Answer
00:52:59 – We Have to Go Back to Coalition Politics
01:00:44 – Execution?
01:02:35 – Why Did Pakatan Harapan 1.0 Fail?
01:05:00 – Why the Big Bang Approach Might Not Work
01:07:00 – Why Prof Gomez Is Not Worried for the Middle Class

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Khoo Hsu Chuang

Khoo Hsu Chuang

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