BK Lim — The Ride of a Lifetime

Motorbike salesman BK Lim is a man I’ve been chasing for a long, long time, after I first heard of his monster trip from Downing Street in Penang, Malaysia, to 10, Downing Street St in London, England, where the British Prime Minister goes to work!!

Spanning 25 countries, 38,000 km and completed over four months, the journey was even more incredible because it was completed on Honda 125cc motorcycles by retirees and grandfathers, all of them from Penang, in Malaysia.

The youngest, Lee Hang Chung, was 53 at the time, while the eldest, Frankie Cheah, was 69.

BK Lim was 62 when he completed the journey.

Listen to his story of the trip here and his next journey, from Anchorage in Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego, in Argentina, at the southernmost tip of South America.

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01:18 — Downing (Penang) to Downing (England): The Route
01:56 — Death in Delhi
02:54 — What it Takes to Ride Overland
05:36 — Everyone Was On a Kapchai
06:28 — Turkmenistan: 2800km in 5 days
10:10 — No Journey for Old Mean — The Biggest Obstacle?
12:26 — When a Bike Becomes a 4WD
12:47 — The Honda Wave 125 is the Best Overland Bike
14:00 — No Sponsorship from Boon Siew Honda Malaysia .. But Sponsored in Thailand!
16:06 — A Stock-Standard Bike
16:30 — Best Thing About the Trip?
20:00 — Urban Gorillas .. Many-Star Hotels
22:39 — The Next Trip: Alaska to Argentina: 55,000km, 25 Countries, 5 Months
24:34 — A Naked German
26:08 — Solo is Safer
27:01 – – Longer Means More Money
28:20 — Alaska to Argentina: Budget?
28:37 — Strategies for Overlanding
30:36 — What the Wife Said
32:13 — How to Travel For Free to Alaska
33:44 — Riding is Therapy
34:26 — Safety While Riding
35:46 — After Alaska, Africa!
36:46 — Gone is the Femur, Thanks to a Drunk Driver
38:09 — Smashed Ribs in Iraq

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