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A trip to Vietnam and the death of a close friend ignited the wanderlust in Singaporean lass Juvena Huang, who set out to ride around the world solo on her vintage Vespa scooter on 16th May 2015, a journey which began from Singapore and which saw her transverse 25 countries* over 44,000km in 27 months.

This is her story.

(* The countries include Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Iran, Armenia, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Kosovo, Italy, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Czech Republic)

00:00:53 – How Juvena’s Story Began
00:04:48 – How The Death of a Close Friend Triggered Her Wanderlust
00:11:02 – Why an OLD Vespa?
00:14:44 – Paying For The Trip
00:15:21 – Juvena’s Route
0016:34 – Plan Or Don’t Plan? Which Is Better?
00:17:27 – Solo Female Traveler – Reflections
00:19:34 – Tips To Aspiring SOLO Female Travelers
00:22:04 – Advantages of Being A Female Traveler
00:25:30 – Food? (She’s Vegetarian)
00:26:43 – Personal Hygiene? Monthly Calls? Peeing?
00:29:57 – Which Countries Were The Most Memorable?
00:30:30 – About Pakistan (She Spent 4.5mths There!)
00:32:29 – About Iran, Armenia and Georgia (Hint: VERY Underrated and Very Affordable!)
00:33:23 – About Turkey (Where Animals Are Truly Loved and People Are Honest!)
00:35:28 – Bulgaria .. Hibernating in Serbia (Cos Winter Was Coming)
00:37:00 – About Montenegro .. (Small, Mountainous and Beautiful!)
00:37:50 – Accommodation? Camping .. Hostels .. Being Hosted .. etc.
00:41:25 – Hosting Is a Norm in Muslim Countries (‘Musafir’)
00:43:49 – Volunteering at A Refugee Centre in Serbia (Caution: Heartbreaking Stories)
00:50:25 – Travel Gives You REAL Perspective
00:51:23 – NOT Dealing With Society’s Expectations
00:52:11 – Conversations With Fellow Travelers
00:57:01 – The Power That Comes From Letting Go
00:57:47 – Women Are Stronger Than They Think
01:01:53 – About Itchy Boots ..
01:03:00 – What’s Next?


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Khoo Hsu Chuang

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