4×4 World Explorer’s Thomas Foo – Biker, Adventurer, Free Spirit


Thomas ‘Tango’ Foo is a biker, off-roader, explorer, traveler, relief worker and entrepreneur, having spent over three decades crisscrossing all seven continents wherever his trusty Toyota Landcruiser will take him and his merry band of friends and fellow explorers.

Thomas’ life is an inspiring story of courage and heart, a pursuit of his passion for adventure and travel while spreading a message of peace, love and harmony all around the world as ambassadors for Malaysia and anyone else who believes in living life to the fullest.

Not for everyone is this life but for those brave enough to embrace it, the world and its pleasures are there, available, and for free.

(I consider myself privileged to have seen one small part of this wonderful world with Thomas and hope there will be many more.)

“He who is brave is free”
— Seneca

(As always, many thanks to the Asia School of Business for their collaboration with The Do More Podcast, in whose studio this conversation was recorded. The Asia School of Business is a partnership between MIT’s Sloan School of Management and Bank Negara Malaysia).


00:03:07: How It All Started For Thomas
00:06:10: Did You Ever Have a ‘Normal’ Job?
00:06:54: Where Have These Trips Taken Thomas?
00:15:15: Toyota’s Bombproof LandCruiser
00:19:50: The LandCruiser 80 and 100 Series
00:20:22: Jeremy Clarkson and Famed Toyota Reliability
00:23:13: Thomas’ Trips Are Long .. and Legendary
00:26:02: Being Prepared for the Unknown
00:27:33: K-Rog, A Chef on the Road
00:29:00: Malaysian Food – The Best
00:31:10: Getting the Fleet of Vehicles Ready
00:35:33: On the Canning Stock Route …
00:36:10: Fuel Quality
00:39:00: What About the Hilux?
00:39:55: The Almighty 80 Series Landcruiser
00:41:18: Tibet and China .. Altitude Sickness .. Remedies .. Viagra!
00:44:35: Tibetan Culture, Architecture, Scenery, Buddhism, Food, Beauty all Round!
00:46:55: Everest Base Camp From the Tibet Side!
00:52:00: Shigatse’s Monasteries and Inner Peace
00:54:05: How Accessible and Inspirational is Tibet?
00:57:06: How Much are These Trips?
01:00:55: Planning Trips – Africa 2024!! Namibia, Angola, Tanzania et al
01:04:00: Sup Kambing in the Sahara Desert!
01:06:10: Who Comes on These Trips?
01:07:35: Making Life Count: Happiness!
01:10:10: There Are Also Motorcycles!
01:12:35: BMW GS’, Triumph Tigers, GS310s
01:16:30: BK Lim’s Downing to Downing – the Humble Scooter
01:18:00: The One and Only .. One Dollar: Mohd Assir
01:20:30: Girls (Like Nurul and Anita Yusof) Ride Overland too
01:23:00: Why is ‘One Dollar’ named ‘One Dollar’?
01:24:32: Will Africa 2024 Have Motorcycles Too? Climate?
01:29:00: What about the Middle East?
01:30:00: Yusuf Hashim …


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