Yinson Holdings’ CY Lim: The Energy Services Unicorn

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Yinson Holdings’ CY Lim: The Energy Services Unicorn

In this, the first of six Do More episodes powered by Endeavour Malaysia and CGS-CIMB for the inaugural ‘Thoughts Inspire’ series, CY Lim, the 37-year-old Group CEO of oil and gas services giant Yinson Holdings talks to Khoo Hsu Chuang about the journey that propelled the family controlled logistics firm into the second-largest Floating Production Storage and Offloading – FPSO – company in the world.

Exemplified by the 100x increase in market value between 2010 and 2022 to its current RM6.5 billion, CY shares the management secrets, lessons and trials of building a truly global business from a purely domestic one in just 11 short years beginning when he took the reins when he was 25.


00:02:38 – The Early Years: Getting His Father’s Buy-In To Enter a New Business: Oil and Gas
00:05:41 – Challenges of Getting Funding In a Capital-Intensive Industry
00:07:28 – Winning The Regionalisation Game, Starting in Vietnam
00:09:23 – Making Mistakes And Learning From Them
00:12:15 – What Do Demanding MNCs and National Oil Companies Seek?
00:14:24 – The Importance of a Strong track Record When Doing Global Business
00:16:22 – How To Get The Right Financial Metrics
00:18:40 – How To Keep The Right People When the Industry Is Extremely Volatile
00:20:41 – Some Useful Tricks For the Aspiring Entrepreneur
00:22:36 – How To Manage Demanding Investors
00:24:54 – How Did Yinson Move So Fast?
00:29:46 – How To Deal With Uncertain Political Developments Here and Abroad
00:32:27 – How to Strategise and Plan for a Fossil Fuel-Free Future
00:36:18 – Advice For Sustainability Conscious Entrepreneurs
00:38:19 – Can Yinson Grow Another 100x?
00:40:24 – How To Maintain The Same Energy and Drive in the Next Decade?
00:42:43 – What Will Yinson Look Like in 2032?
00:44:51 – Does LUCK Play A Role in Business?
00:46:51 – Can You Make Your Own Luck?
00:49:03 – What Attributes Does The Successful Entrepreneur Have
00:51:15 – Can One Person Drive An Entire Organisation Forward?
00:52:28 – What Should Entrepreneurs Do About Messy Local Politics?
00:55:37 – The Succession Dilemma
00:57:23 – Common Traits In High-Performing Managers
01:01:05 – Can Yinson Be Malaysia’s First Global Behemoth?
01:03:52 – What Goals Should Success and Ambition Be Based On?


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Khoo Hsu Chuang

Khoo Hsu Chuang

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